Monday, August 10, 2009

Working with Silk

Here's my Working with Silk Kit: Yep, peppermint scrub, hand cream and nail file! The one prerequisite for working with silk is smooth hands. Rough skin catches on the fine silk fibres and spoils both the spinning and the enjoyment. I'm not usually at all precious about my hands, so these bits of pampering equipment have a permanent home in my spinning box. Most of these items came in my Christmas stocking--including the wool-themed emery board. It's nice having friends who understand.

As it turned out, my hands weren't the roughest in the class on Saturday. We have several members who come down from the country. They exchanged stories about stacking firewood, lost work gloves, boots and redback spiders. I must remember that comes as a package deal along with the paddocks, sheep and beautiful views which they also enjoy.

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Dee said...

hmmm what a good friend you must have...
btw i have similar equipment in my embroidery kit for working with silk and fine threads. :) snagging silk on nails = flaws in silk and embroidery. i am generally fairly careful with my hands as i like the feel of silk in my fingers, regularly. i sooo like it when you spin silk... keep up htee spinning and the hand care. :)
oh sounds like we both got the country reality check i enjoyed a short drive in the country and mused on all the space and lots of mowing of large areas - ooo.