Thursday, August 20, 2009

Triangles on the Way

It was the first night of the Triangles class last night, so I'm tired, but happy this morning. Tired because I didn't feel at all like going to sleep when I got home after 10. Happy because I'm pretty glad about how the class went. All the students were in my Patchwork by Machine beginner class earlier in the year, so it felt like a bit of a reunion. One of the students had brought not one, but two completed quilts which she'd made since the beginner class. That's pretty good going.

Triangles can be a bit daunting because there's an issue of accuracy, but the students seemed to be managing ok. Here's an action shot:
We used the "sew and flip" method for our first set of triangles. you can see some results in the foreground of the pic. Next week we'll have to tackle a tiny bit of geometry . . . Oh, well . . . one challenge at a time.

Now I need to drink another cup of coffee and get myself to the Guild. I have to catch up on the Summer and Winter project which I've been neglecting. I still have to finish the threading, so I will need that coffee, even if it makes me a bit late.

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