Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I received this card from my friend S last week. She said the colours reminded her of the wool I was spinning the weekend she visited me. I've included a sample of the wool in my picture. It's a pretty good match. The background is the back of a quilt which my friend V has lent me to use in my Triangle class tomorrow.

The photo on the card is by Richard Woldendorp, Contour farming near Northam, Western Australia wheatbelt, 1990. The photograph is in the National Library of Australia Pictures Collection.

I am fascinated by this photo, and by some of the others I've seen on his website. Originally from the Netherlands, Richard became an Landscape photographer after moving to Western Australia in 1951. He has a special interest in aerial photography. I am imagining the vast contrast between the landscape of the Netherlands and that of Western Australia. My own tendency when photographing nature is to get as close as I can, making the most of small details, so photos on this huge scale are like a shock to my mind's eye. That's a good thing!

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Dee said...

neat pic! on first glance i thought it looked like a torso / skeleton painting complete with nipples...