Sunday, August 23, 2009

Warp, Warp Warp!

We started our Shared Project in weaving class yesterday. The room was abuzz. Nine students, nine projects, nine looms, nine different warps . . . oh . . . and five tutors and helpers. Gerlinde had prepared a folder of theory, instructions and samples for each project. The first part of the morning was spent running through these with the whole group. As she described a project she named the student who would be preparing it. So there was a bit of tense anticipation as we waited for our names to be called. And of course we're each going to have a go at weaving each of the projects, so there was a lot of intent listening and note taking.

Some of us had to design elements of the project before we could start. Others just had to decipher the instructions. Then out came the warping boards and cones of fibre and it was all systems go.

Here's one of the warps going on to the loom. J has already wound her warp--several different colours, as you can see--and is now placing groups of threads in the raddle ready for threading. The other set of hands belongs to her helper who is handing her groups of threads from the back of the loom to make her task easier. As for me, I still have my double cloth project on my loom, so I'll have a bit of weaving to do before the next project can go on. I did wind my warp for the new project--I scored the Huck Lace in yellow cottolin. So that will appear in a post as soon as I can get on to it.

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