Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Started

Here's the beginning of the new blanket: The second row is always the hardest, so I decided to get started last night so I could enjoy watching the project grow. The first row is just chain stitch--300 chain stitches to be precise--and I'm just over half way on the second row. I've divided the wool collection into three bags to help me distribute the colours and textures evenly. I work on a "regularly irregular" plan. That means I choose the wool for the next row while I'm working. It's not a set pattern and it's fun to see how it develops as I go along.

The happy couple are coming to visit in the next school holidays. I've just realised that's only just over a month away, so I'm going to have to focus on this a fair bit if I want to send it home with them. Meanwhile I've set myself the challenge of finishing the triangle sampler today. And I need to take it easy--yesterday was a big day. I think that means breakfast and another coffee should be next on my agenda.

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