Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Rinsing

I'm still getting through all the rinsing from the cotton dyeing I did--ages ago now. The end is in sight, but it sure is taking a while to get there. Today I have two swatches of orange fabric in the laundry tub and this red one in the bathroom basin. The yellow one is drying on the line. Even though the dyes should be well and truly exhausted by now, I don't want to risk mixing colours. That's why I've kept this red one separate from the ones with some yellow in them. I think there's only one more colour run left after this one. It's purple, so I'll need a basin for the red, one for the blue and one for all the rest. If I'd thought about it I could have put the red one in with this one from the orange run, but I didn't think of it until right now as I was typing. Oh well.

As for my spinning, you guessed it . . . I'm still working on silk caps! I have to finish this bobbin and then do one more bobbin before I'm done with that spinning task. I also have to knit a swatch straight from the cap--I'll try to post details of that one.

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