Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Personal Style

I finished the Triangle block yesterday. I've posted a pic on the Quilters at Sussex blog, last night since that's where I'll be teaching the class. The block came together ok and I'm happy enough with it, though I'm always going to be striving for more accuracy. I'll make another sample before the class begins. That will get me warmed up a bit more and also provide a different colourway for the students to look at. I'm conscious that several of the students who are signed up for that class really prefer the pretty floral quilt look and the block I've made is rather dramatic in black red and gold. That got me thinking about why I haven't done more with triangles in my quilting. It's not that I don't like them, but my own designs tend to be more fluid and pictorial.

This little wall hanging was a postcard challenge at Essendon Quilters many years ago. There are several things I'd like to improve technically if I were making it again, but it hangs on the wall in my living room and makes me smile.

I guess the variety of options is part of the fun and the excitement of quilting. If I made a different quilt every week, I can't imagine ever running out of options and possibilities . . . then again, if I made a different quilt every week, I can't imagine getting much else done at all!

Now that the triangle sample block is done, I'd better do some work on my spinning before class on Saturday. And my loom is still on my table where I dropped it when I walked in the door on Saturday afternoon. I don't think running out of options is a problem that I need to worry about much.

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Dee said...

ahhhh... so much to little time. :) at this rate we will need to live - and be capable of our crafts well into the 100's.