Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Girl

We had a new girl in our spinning class yesterday. Her name is Lucy. She is six weeks old. Talk about a picture of pretty pink perfection! At 2.5 kg, she's hardly newborn size.Our tutors found themselves with a new responsibility: taking turns to settle and hold this little one while her Mum had a chance to get some spinning done in between feeds. The library doubled as a nursing mothers room. I got to hold little Lucy while Mum had some lunch. I must say we were all more than a little distracted.

Our topic for the day was silk. We worked with silk caps and tops and had a demonstration of stretching out coccoons to make a silk hanky. I spent the last part of the afternoon blending mulberry silk tops with merino. I now have about 40 g of lustrous luxury to spin up.


Dee said...

well the baby has a cute little ear - but where is the rest of her? what a rip off. i want to see a cute new born. :(

Textile Tragic said...

You'll just have to use your imagination. I was struck by the perfection and minuteness of that little ear--the tiny pink bow looks big in comparison.