Saturday, August 29, 2009


I've still got several skeins of silk and silk-wool combinations to complete for my folio, but I let myself get a little bit side-tracked and here's the result: It is wool and silk (60%-40%), but it's not homework. It's one of the First Editions colour blends. That's the tops you can see on the right of the pic and the yarn I've made from them on the left. These colour blends are so tempting in the packet and then comes the challenge of spinning them up without ending up with a muddy bland soup of colours, which is what tends to happen if the colours are not separated and emphasised somehow. The more colours in the blend, the easier it is to end up with mud. What I've done is strip the tops down to separate off the different colours as much as I could. I spun them on the fine side and then plied with a strand of blue silk. You can see that the resulting yarn is a lot less vibrant than the original tops, but the colours are there in a subtle way. I really do need a little voice to remind me of the risk of mud every time I see these wonderfully alluring packets in the Craft Supply!

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Dee said...

mud, mud, glorious mud. it's perfect for cooling the blood... and not for yarn.
how do these babies go in embroidery? i know a volunteer to test them for you. :)