Thursday, August 27, 2009

Triangle Progress

Week 2 of the "Working with Triangles" Class last night. I wasn't feeling the brightest, and I needed to communicate a little bit of geometry without causing too much anxiety to the students. To my relief, they got it--some from my explanations and some when I had the sense to stop explaining and let them try it out for themselves.

Here's L's pinwheel star block ready for final assembly: I'm so pleased with how these blocks are turning out. It's one thing to design a project for myself, choose fabrics and see how it works. It's quite another thing to generalise from those choices so the students can choose their own colours and fabrics and still get the overall effect. This block depends on the play of light, medium and dark fabrics to form the double effect of the star superimposed on the pinwheel and I'm excited to see it so clearly in a different colourway. The final class is next week and several of the students can't be there, so I jumped ahead a little bit last night to explain the borders that go around this star.

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Dee said...

looks good! congrats to you and the students.