Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back to Rathdowne St

It's more than a month since I posted a weekend Cafe shot. Could it be a month since I've been in a cafe on the weekend? What's wrong with me!

I caught up with my friend M at Rathdowne St this afternoon. My favourite coffee and flourless pear cake with icecream was on the menu. I think I'll call that dinner. What's more, I had my new phone to play with--my first ever phone with a camera. M and I share a love for random photos of little treasures, so it felt good to catch this pic in her company. It's a detail of the mosaic on one of the shop fronts.

The camera was the main reason for getting a more advanced phone. Up until now I've been more than happy with a "grandma" phone that does the basics like making calls and sending the occasional text. On the other hand my commitment to digital photography has gone from the great luxury of my dSLR a couple of years ago, to the compact digital camera I bought earlier this year because I couldn't carry the SLR with me everywhere. Now of course I'm so used to having the camera in my handbag that I feel deprived if I'm carrying a tiny bag and no camera. Solution? A phone with a 5 mega pixel camera!

Now I'm going to establish my credentials for a "grandma" phone . . . I can remember my first mobile phone as a major purchase--and it was maybe ten times the size of the one I just bought . . . I can remember when a 5 megapixel camera was pretty good going as a camera. . . we won't talk about the little film cameras and polaroid cameras I remember from when I was young! So, I'm going to give myself a little time to find my way around my new phone. But I'm pretty happy with the shots I've taken on it so far. . . and by the way, I have even managed to make a couple of phone calls.


Dee said...

did you take this pic on your new phone? have you tried bluetoothing it to your computer? it works a treat and is so simple - even for those of us who are not so up with the latest technology. :)
yum flourless pearcake...

Textile Tragic said...

Yes, No and Yes . . . I took the pic on my phone, I didn't bluetooth it and the cake was very yummy! What I did was add yet another cable to the tangle of black and white spaghetti on my computer desk. I'll have to read the manual to figure out the bluetooth thingy.

Knitspingirl said...

Gosh - all those cameras! My phone is an oldie but a goodie - it has one of the very first cameras (not very good), and my camera uses this stuff called "film"!!