Saturday, August 22, 2009


I took this picture while I was out walking last week. Magnolias in flower at this time of year are spectacular! The combination of dramatic flowers on a leafless tree and those textured buds gets me every time. I hadn't thought of this when I bought it, but now I have a camera with me on my walks as well, since I generally take my phone with me. The challenge is going to be to remember to keep walking, since there are always beautiful and interesting things that catch my eye. Then again I do have the dogs to help me. They love to sniff out interesting details at ground level, but they're not so keen on me stopping to explore at eye level.


Dee said...

we don't get very many magloias here - bit too warm. but the few that are around are spectacular for the short while they bloom. i am always struck by the enormous pink blooms and those funny zigzag branches. :) it's nice to see them contrasted against the BLUE sky.

Textile Tragic said...

Ah yes, BLUE sky! we do get to see that occasionally:)