Sunday, February 15, 2009

Silver Princess Blended Merino Skeins

Here's the kind of thing I have in mind when I say, "these are my Australian Colour selections for today":
These are Silver Princess colour blends I did last year. The Silver Princess is one of my favourite trees and I have a collection of photos I've taken of the tree itself and its flowers. I've made the photos up into a poster for my wall. Then I've used that as inspiration for some merino multi-marle colour blends. I choose a variety of related colours and mix the colours as I spin. This gives me a colour blend that is textured and vibrant. It's quite different from what I can achieve with my dyepot.


silkdee said...

oh i sooooo want to touch that! the colours look great and really do reflect the princess.
would you make them up together to carry the idea further? what would it be and how would you combine them to make the most of each marle?

Textile Tragic said...

I'm thinking of a scarf or wrap with lots of little tassels in the pink, but I haven't got beyond dreaming of it. I like the idea of the tassels picking up on the shape of the gum blossoms.