Sunday, February 1, 2009

. . . and double Light

On my way home yesterday I stopped at Bloom Fabrics ( I'd been promising myself a look at this fabulous looking fabric store for years: desiring the beauty, but dreading the cost! So when I drove past yesterday and saw the sign, "Clearance, Last Day 31 January", I just had to stop. The shop was nearly empty, but the few bolts, dresses and laces left on display confirmed my drive-by impressions.

When I found this fabric I was gone:

Silk-cotton double weave, almost sheer. The upper layer is chocolate coloured silk and the under layer, a fawn cotton, both incredibly light weaves with the double weave interaction of layers producing this effect.

  • I had to buy it for its sheer beauty
  • I had to buy it for its silk lustre
  • I had to buy it for its tempting chocolate richness
  • I had to buy it for the play of light and shade across its fine surface
  • I had to buy it as a beautiful example of double-weave technique
  • . . . and did I mention I just had to buy it!

Four and a half metres were left on the bolt--enough to make something. So far I have turned it into a skirt, an overblouse and an embellished stole in my imagination. For now, I'm treating it as an exotic pet: admiring and stroking it and thinking about it a lot.


Vireya said...

So have they closed for ever? I've been going there since they were near Smith St, probably over 20 years ago.

Textile Tragic said...

Closed for ever, I think. I'd never been there before, but even to me it felt like the end of an era!

Vireya said...

Well that is sad!

Beautiful fabric, by the way. I'll look forward to seeing what it becomes.