Monday, February 2, 2009

On my Drying Rack

Here are the results of my "hot day, cold pad batch" dyeing efforts:
I only mixed up one colour. I had four skeins of off-white wool to dye. So I decided to go for different textures in blue and white.
  • The one on the far left has eight tight cotton ties to prevent the dye contacting the wool in just those spots. Then I soaked the whole skein in the blue dye
  • The next skein was folded in fourths and dipped in dye
  • The next one, second from the right, I laid flat on a piece of plastic. I then squirted lines of dye across the skein with an old sauce bottle.
  • The last skein was just folded on itself. Half was immersed in dye and I kept the other half out of the way.

The point of this technique--apart from the relief of "working" with water on a horribly hot day--is that the dye pretty much stays where I put it. So I can control where the colour goes on the skein.

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