Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shopping Report

Here's the loot from my shopping trip: I'm pleased with my purchases and I'm pleased with my restraint. The warehouse wasn't just a warehouse, but also a showroom and there were lots of clever and pretty doodads and gizmos. But they weren't on my list, so they didn't come home with me. Well, the only one that did come home with me was the cute little 4 1/2 in ruler and I was looking out for a handy little ruler, so I'm going to argue that it was on the list in invisible ink:)

As for the fabrics:
  • 1/2 m of chocolate brown silk at $5 per metre on clearance--chocolate brown silk was on my list believe it or not. It's for the summer challenge for the group I didn't attend last weekend, so I'm a bit behind on that one, but it was on my list
  • and 40cm of the purple geometric silk at $9.95 per metre--that wasn't on the list, but it was irresistably geometrically bright, so it had to come home with me.


Vireya said...

More fun than my afternoon!

Many years ago I won a prize sponsored by that haby wholesaler. I wanted everything from the warehouse, but obviously I had to limit myself to the prize amount. It was fun anyway.

silkdee said...

i am impressed at your self-control. that has to have been like the kid in a lolly shop scenario!
good to see that the brown silk has a purpose and i look forward to seeing what the purple silk becomes. :)