Monday, February 16, 2009

Marle Colour Blend Close Ups

Here are a couple of close up shots of one of my Silver Princess skeins:
In the top pic you can see that the overall colour is grey-green-ish with redish tones. the bottom pic is closer again. This skein highlights one of my favourite aspects of Australian plant growth. The growing tips are often reddish and change to green as they mature. You can see how the green colour is built up from a variety of greens and grey-blues. I've included a couple of pink tones as well as the red.
The combination of opposite colours from the colour wheel--greens and reds--makes the overall impression greyer. The variety of close colours gives texture. Because I don't mix the colours at the preparation stage, but combine them while I'm actually spinning, they keep more of their own character. Otherwise I might end up with a more muddy colour blend. The colours will mix again when they are knitted or woven and the result will be more flecky--that's the characteristic look of a marle.

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silkdee said...

oooh that looks lovely and soft in both shade and texture. i wanna reachout and feel it.