Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Visitor

My friend, V, brought her latest project with her when she dropped in this morning. It's a feathered star design which will be the centre of a quilt:
When I'd finished admiring the neatness of her stitching--if you're a quilter, you'll want to know that she's using the foundation piecing method to get all those points precise--I started thinking about the colour scheme. Olive green and burgundy, fair enough, but the pale purple is unexpected. It works though! And here it is in the feature fabric:
I'm not quite sure how I'd classify it as a colour scheme--split complementary, I guess, since yellow-green is opposite purple-red on the colour wheel. The point is, it's a great colour choice and makes the feathered star very lightly feathery. I like it. And it reinforces a point I often make with beginner quilters, that you're always pretty safe if you use any of the colours you find in a feature fabric.

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