Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Equipment

I started this Blog with a photo of my living room-studio. What can I say . . . there's a lot of stuff there. It's interesting to see how different people respond to it. I guess it's not necessarily what you'd expect when you knock on the door of an ordinary-looking suburban town house. I contend that all that stuff is useful stuff and I enjoy having it there, though it would be nice if the clean up-fairy would keep it all in order for me. I'm afraid there is no clean-up fairy. I'm not going to comment on the tooth fairy or Santa Claus.

So, talking about stuff. Here's one more piece of vital equipment:

This is a swift. It's the partner of the niddy noddies I introduced a while back. I use a niddy noddy to make a skein. I use a swift to hold a skein for me while I unwind it. Usually I unwind a skein to make a ball of yarn. And, yes, there is a special piece of equipment to help me wind a ball of yarn. Not so imaginatively named as the niddy noddy or the swift, though. It's simply called a ball winder.

A swift has two exciting features
  1. it holds the skein while I wind the ball of yarn. That sounds basic enough, but this is the alternative when I was away on holidays and didn't have a swift with me: . . . skein draped across the back of a chair--I didn't feel brave enough to commandeer two chairs in the coffee shop. I'm only half-way through winding and it's getting tangled already.
  2. The four arms are variable in length, so it will work for lots of different length skeins. It takes anything from my smallest to largest skein. That's handy, given the limitations on how much stuff I can reasonably store.


silkdee said...

i trust the coffee was good?! ... and the holiday company? :)

Textile Tragic said...

Coffee and company, all good! Definitely worth trading for the lack of a swift when I needed it.