Thursday, February 5, 2009

One Size Fits All . . . NOT!

I took my chocolate silk cotton double weave fabric with me to a meeting the other day. For no other reason than that it's gorgeous and I wanted to share it with friends who appreciate such things. After a flurry of hand-washing, it was suitably petted and admired:)
I've had another go at photographing it to catch the shine and the interlacing of layers in the weave, but I must confess, I really am in love with this fabric, and you may well get tired of it before I do, so I'll try not to overdo it.
As for "one size fits all", while I'm on confessions, I may as well admit that I am not even close to my ideal weight at the moment. And I'd like to think of something I make out of this fabric as a piece I treasure for years to come. I'm hoping not to have to deal with my current figure challenges for years to come. So, I've pretty much decided to make a wrap, or something like that. Then no matter what, I'll be able to enjoy it. Meanwhile, I am enjoying its life as an exotic pet.

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silkdee said...

i so want to touch this fabric! this pic gives a better idea of its loveliness than the last one did, but i am sure it still doesn't do justice to the real thing. :)