Friday, February 27, 2009

Pattern for an Evening Bag

I'm a practical sort of a woman. So, when I decided to make a pretty silk evening bag as my personal "choc-orange challenge", I wanted to be sure that it would be big enough to hold life's necessities. I'll let you speculate and debate as to what life's necessities might be.

I'd already decided on a pouch with a drawstring as the basic design. So then I noticed this ice-cream bucket. I'd been using it to give skeins of hand-spun that lovely relaxing little soak they get when I've finished working with them. I thought to myself, "Surely 2-litres is enough for life's necessities!", and when I converted it to dark chocolate brown silk with a ruffled drawstring top, it didn't look too bulky. So, now you know, the capacity of that silk bag is just under 2 litres, and that's enough.

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