Saturday, February 21, 2009

Armchair Project

I like to have at least one "armchair project" on the go all the time. Here's my current one:

It's going to be a sofa throw, if you want to be formal about it,--or a comfort blanket if you want to look at it a bit more emotionally. I started it a week ago and am planning to give it to a family affected by the bushfires. The yarn is mostly natural coloured alpaca. The blue contrast is a blend of wool and mohair. I love the way the different natural alpaca colours both blend and contrast with one another. The blue is for water, which we so desperately need, and it's also a bit of a signature from me, since this is one of my favourite colours.

What's makes a good "armchair project"?

  • It should be simple enough that I can pick it up for a few minutes and put it down again without having to worry too much about where I'm up to.
  • At the same time it should be interesting enough to hold my attention for quite a while if I just need a quiet sit.
  • If it's a nice soft texture, all the better, since I'm often sitting in that armchair to pull myself together or take a break from a heavy day.
  • Also an armchair project often turns out to be something big: in contrast to the "take along" projects that I carry around with me. Big also has the benefit that I don't have to keep thinking of a new project to replace one I've just finished.
  • These projects usually turn out to have some personal meaning as well. I find myself thinking while I sit and work on it. While my hands are busy, I think about what I'm making and why I'm making it; and where it will live when it moves on from its life with me.

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silkdee said...

you have inspired me to dig out my own armchair project and keep it by the armchair - :)