Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wall of Colour

I dropped in to the local hardware shop a couple of days ago. I'm gradually collecting the makings of a Japanese braiding stool for Kumihimo. I managed to find a set of circular hole saws, which I'm hoping will work for the central hole in the stool. Before I can try them out I need to remember where I put the wooden plate, which I've allocated for the project--things are still somewhat disorganised around here.

While I was there I stopped to pick up some paint chips: I have a collection which I use to demonstrate and experiment with colour matching. Who could resist this array: Interestingly, despite the wide variety of colours avalable, I struggled to put together a simple colour wheel of primary and secondary colours. A lot of the shades are muted and there are lots and lots of neutrals. But I did head out with a handful of colour to add to my collection.

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