Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Patchwork Life

Tonight is the first Patchwork by Machine class at the Neighbourhood House. I taught this course for the first time last year, and the class is encouragingly full. Most of the students are new to the Neighbourhood House, so as well as teaching them a new skill, I'm looking forward to making them welcome and aware of the community around them. I spent a bit of time yesterday preparing fabric for them to practise with in the first lesson. Making a new quilt as we go along with the class seems to be a good way of demonstrating the steps. Then I have a variety of examples to show future students and use for promotion. Yesterday I had a few hours of panic when I couldn't find the two demonstration quilts I made last year. They finally turned up in a box under my big desk. A couple of files of paperwork had been stowed on top of them . . . I have no-one to blame but myself I'm afraid.

I also spent some time verifying that my camera is working just fine. That involved a visit with my friends V & G, their four friendly dogs and a tour of a fantastic vegie garden. I couldn't face another session with the Help! desk though, so that's a task for another day.

My table is still covered with wool in various stages of preparation. I have a fine merino sample on my needles as well as the Feather and Fan project just about finished. My life feels a bit like a patchwork quilt--crazy patchwork I guess, with lots of different colours and textures in unexpected places. I just need to make sure the stitching is secure . . .


Dee said...

All the best for the patchwork course. i know you will be great and your new students will learn heaps, have fun and grow in confidence. happy stitching. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Thanks, friend. It's so nice having the course already prepared and ready to go for them, though I'm sure as usual, the group will put its own unique stamp on things.