Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Kilo of Happiness

I've got the house shut up in anticipation of another hot day. I was on the phone when the dogs started to bark and jump at the door. I wasn't expecting any visitors . . . then I remembered the cone of lace weight cashmere-merino yarn I'd ordered from Charly at Ixchel. I managed to get the parcel into the house without letting the dogs out, or too much hot air in--that was quite a feat. Then I carefully opened the parcel to find this: I'm spinning up some angora-merino on my finest drop spindle and I've nearly done 50g. It's a pleasure to spin, but there's no way I'll get to a kilo, which is how much is on this cone. Charly usually sells it in her own unique hand-dyed colour-ways. But this gives me a chance to do my own thing. I love to make my own colours. I'm looking forward to this kilo of happiness going a long way. For now I'm getting joy from just looking at it and imagining the possibilities.

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Knitspingirl said...

Ooo! Cashmere/merino - yummy!