Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time for a Change

Yesterday was a day for doing a few things differently. I still had some stressful meetings to manage and I completed a skein of woollen spinning, but I also cleared the sink and started to prepare a Caesar Salad for myself. I have to admit that by the time evening came, I didn't have the energy to finish it off and I had toast with cheese and ham instead. But the things are there to mix up something special for myself tonight.

I also needed to do something about my watch. The very clear and sensible one I've been wearing was starting to lose time. I guessed it only needed a new battery, but decided to treat myself to something a little different: You can see my new watch is still nice a clear, but it's oversized to the point of making me smile and a little bit more decorative than the one I had. As a bonus, the jewelry shop changed the battery on my old watch as part of the deal. That means I can wear it when I'm doing rough work and spare the scratches on this one. Not that either of them are anything fancy.

Speaking of time, I need to be at the Guild soon for my Cotton Spinning workshop. Spinning those itty bitty short fibres is going to be a challenge, but we've been promised a go at a charka wheel, and I'm always up for something new.


Knitspingirl said...

Love your new watch!
But try not to do what I do, & save it "for best". I too have a "good" watch, & an "everday" one. My good watch was a gift from my Dad (that still had the price tag on - eek!) & I'm so scared of scratching it, I never wear it.
You deserve nice things, so wear it - often!

Textile Tragic said...

It's ok--this is my everyday watch. It wasn't expensive. The other I've put aside to wear when I'm using power tools and the like.