Thursday, February 4, 2010

Picker Power

I dropped in to the Guild Rooms earlier this week to pay for this year's spinning workshops. It was only a few days after I'd posted about my flicker and its capacity to do a little damage to my fingers. Would you believe, one of the women just happened to have the picker out. Here it is: Compared to this, the flicker is mild and sensitive! Those massive prongs are set onto a curved piece of timber which rocks to and fro from a pivot point at the top of the machine--like a cradle with big teeth! The bench at the front is where the operator sits and there is a timber guard to help keep your fingers away from the danger zone. That's important, believe me. The processed fleece is pushed out at the other end.

I've used the picker a few times and have dreams of owning a small version to use at home--when I have more room for spinning equipment . . . It's great for opening out a fleece which isn't in great shape. It also helps clear out dirt and vegetable matter. Another way I've used it is to roughly mix fleece of different colours. Apart from learning to keep my fingers away from those teeth, my other major learning was about the sheer muscle power needed to make it go. The only way this thing moves is if you push it, and after a while that becomes a significant effort.

Nothing so strenuous on my agenda today. I have fleece soaking which needs to be rinsed, and put out to dry, and I've been sitting in front of my fan knitting for an hour or so. I'm very much looking forward to the forecast cooler day tomorrow.


Dee said...

Oh My... that looks like an implement of torture straight out of an old fashioned horror flick!
You use these kinds of scary tools in your home, for fun?
Don't show them to any officials or they may have to be registered as weapons. :)

Textile Tragic said...

Yep! I treat this one with a lot of respect, though I'm amazed at how casual some of the old hands are with it. If you're ever planning a horror movie, just let me know:)