Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is the sort of sewing I usually avoid: I'd call this a RIP--normally it would mean the end of a garment's life; without even the dignity of a decent burial. But these shorts belong to a good friend, whose budget doesn't stretch very far. Somehow I agreed to see what I can do . . .

There's no fabric missing, but the tear goes just across the edge of the pocket. I'll need to reinforce it as well as pulling the torn edges together. I'd initially thought I'd ladder stitch it by hand to start with, but now I'm not sure if I can face that. I think I'll try iron-on-interfacing and machine zig-zag, with a patch underneath. It won't be a work of art, but the shorts will be wearable for the rest of this season . . . and in today's fashion world, it might even be seen as a design feature.


Dee said...

What your planning works. I have had to do it on mmore garments than I care to count.
I suspect your friend may not want the addition of a pretty/cute patch to cover the repair work on the outside... so it will have to become a design feature.
J just paid lotsa money to buy pants with more rips and frayed bits than I would have sondiered mendable. I pointed out to her that I have 'fixed' pants that didn't look as bad as those and she had ditched ones like that previously. go figure.

Textile Tragic said...

He will definitely NOT want a pretty patch on the outside! I've seen the ripped pants in fashion--again--and wondered about going into business de-constructing Op Shop jeans:)