Monday, February 8, 2010

Lace Wing Lamp

My friend A's house is perfectly situated between my place and the Guild. Often on a weekend I will break the trip with a coffee and catch up there--not that it's such a long trip, but it's nice to have two benefits from the one bit of travel. Yesterday was Sunday Spinners at the Guild: a very informal group which provided me with just the gentle motivation I needed to get one more sample done for my folio. On my way home at A's I caught sight of this lovely little lamp on her mantlepiece. It's made from wire and cloth and designed to hold a candle--very simple and effective. It reminded me of the lacewing I photographed last year. At the time I was playing with the idea of lace knitting or crochet. Now I've just added the thought of wire to that little file in my head. The conversation jumped from admiring the lamp to the usefulness of lacewings for keeping down the aphid population . . . and we went out the back to admire A's vegie patch, which is doing really well . . . just one more little bit of beauty to fill my mind.

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