Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Beginnings and No End

I'm knitting a feather and fan lace scarf as one of the items for my Spinning Folio. I really like the scalloped cast-on edge produced by the feather and fan design. On the other hand, I'm not so fond of the wavy cast-off edge--why is that? Anyway, I have a solution . . . or at least the beginnings of a solution: If I knit the scarf in two halves and join it in the middle, that will give me two cast-on edges and no cast-off edge. Right? Yep, the only challenge then is joining the two halves in the middle. There are several options to explore and I've been waiting for a day when I have a clear mind to sort them out. That day had better come soon or I'll run out of time before it all needs to be handed in. I made a first attempt at grafting a sample--using Kitchener stitch--the other day. It looks pretty bad at this stage. I'll have to try again. Meanwhile it's another hot day and I want to get a bit more spinning done before I retreat to the coolest place I can find with my knitting.

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