Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Next Please

It's a bit of a production line with fleece here at the moment. I've just put a couple of hundred grams of Corriedale fleece to soak in the laundry tub:If I drain it off this evening, then add the soap and soak it again overnight it will be ready to rinse tomorrow morning. That gives me 24 hours for it to dry before Friday, when I hope to have a good spinning day--forecast for 21 degrees and no appointments at this stage. As soon as the laundry tub's free I've got some different fleeces waiting for their turn.

Meanwhile the merino sample I finished yesterday is dry; I have about 80g of English Leicester wool ready to flick out and there's another Corriedale sample on my needles--it's a swatch I didn't do at the time I did the spinning.

Today's not much of a day for spinning. It's quite hot already and in any case I need to head out in just over half an hour. Perhaps I'll have time to finish knitting that swatch.

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