Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hand Dye Day

One thing I did manage to do yesterday was to drop in to the Neighbourhood House and get this pic of the Sussex Banner:

I made it a few years ago to celebrate the diversity, energy and warmth I see there. It's relevant to me today for a couple of reasons
  • we've just launched the "Quilters at Sussex" blog and this quilted banner is next in the history of quilts that belong to the house itself--after the Carers Wall Hangings that have already been featured on the blog.
  • It's made from my hand-dyed cotton fabrics. I'm planning to teach another Hand Dye workshop in a few weeks and one of my tasks today is to do a bit more promotion for it.

Also on my "to do" list for today is a bit more cleaning up at home, since my dyeing materials, buckets, bits of fabric and yarn, etc, etc, etc, seem to be slowly invading more and more of my house.

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