Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Re-treaded, but Re-so(u)led

My story begins with the car needing new tyres--not a very inspiring beginning--but it gets better. The tyre place recommended by my mechanic is in Brunswick Rd, Brunswick. It's just around the corner from Sydney Rd. When I got there, I found they needed the car for not one, but two hours. OK . . . so I walked around the corner into Sydney Rd. My first stop was Green's for a latte and one of their amazing apple and rhubarb muffins. Then Allegro Shoes--allegro means "happy" in Italian.

My agenda for new shoes, was:
  • black
  • flat
  • with a bit of attitude:)

So these shoes just had to come home with me:

I was happy enough with the comfort and style, let alone the cute, not quite symmetrical touches, but when I stopped by to show them off to a friend, she found the warning label on the box:



The moon and stars are stitched in real thread, which means I can pull out my fabric paints and make them silver.

As if that wasn't enough joy for one day, I got a little further up Sydney Rd to the Olive Grove Studio where they had some little things I loved and had to buy, and a reminder that they're looking for new members and I have to apply. More on this later.

Did I say HAPPY!


Ang Pang said...

I agree, they ARE cute :) and I can just imagine you wearing them. I think I like them one gold, one silver tho!!

Textile Tragic said...

Ang, you're a genius--silver stars and gold moon--done! Thanks:)

Dee said...

Oh that is so funny!!! i laughed out really loud when reading this and had several family members came running to see what was so funny. of course i read out the blog and showed the pic and they too laughed :)
btw those shoes are very you. :)