Friday, April 3, 2009

Washing Day

I've got a busy weekend coming up at the Guild. Today I'm working to get everything prepared. That means catching up with my weaving homework and washing fleece ready for Sunday's spinning classes.

We're working on worsted spinning using three different fleeces: a Merino, a Corriedale and an English Leicester. Because it's worsted spinning, I want to keep my wool as tidy as possible while I wash it. That way I can preserve the lock formation and keep the fibres all parallel. I need to have scoured fleece to go through the wool combs. I've tried using Gutter Guard (or gutter mesh) once before and was really pleased with the result:

  • washed fleece at the front, all ready to comb
  • behind it, some fleece still in it's mesh sandwich
  • and a new roll of Gutter Mesh--from the cheap shop, because I'm going to need lots and I don't see the point of paying full price:)

Washing fleece is one of those jobs that can't be rushed. I put it to soak in hot water yesterday morning. This morning I started by draining that off, then soaked it in hot water and detergent. Then a couple of rinses and now it's on the line drying--still in it's mesh sandwich. I'm hoping it will dry happily, despite the stormy wet weather we've been having. By the way, if you're worrying about the hot water, it's ok--I mean hot to touch, not hot-hot and remember, the fleece isn't moving around. Meanwhile, back to my weaving.

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