Friday, April 10, 2009

Hot in the Pot

Here's my first dye pot of wool tops inspired by the Harmony Day roses:

I used five different colours of dye, ranging from wild raspberry to wattle. Some I mixed together before adding to the pot and others I added straight in. Of course I tweaked and adjusted the colour as it developed! Then I did another 100 g from the pale dye colour left when this lot had finished--with a bit of added seasoning to spice it up.

Now I have two lovely lots of dyed tops drying on my rack. I decided to wait to post a pic until I do the next stage of preparing them. I'm going to divide the two lots and re-mix them in different proportions. I keep checking to see if they're dry enough to play with yet, but I think I'd better wait until this evening.

Meanwhile I topped up my supply of magenta and pink solid colour tops, so I can get on with the Lotus colour blend as soon as I've tidied up a bit in my work-room. I got home last night and just dropped everything on the table. The wool I need is somewhere there under bags with kid mohair yarn for my next class; scripts from the chemist; extra computer class homework exercises; receipts from the bank and eye drops and flea treatment for my dogs. I'm guessing that my bag of drop spindling is on the same pile. I did manage to put the fruit and bread in the fridge before giving up for the day.

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