Friday, May 1, 2009

Bush Green

I bought a calendar in the clearance sales earlier this year. I didn't really need another calendar, but I wanted the photo-collage illustrations as a colour blending challenge. They're all Australian colours and, in Steve Parish's characteristic style, the colours are a bit larger than life. I've still got some grey merino tops which I thought would be useful for this page, but I've been playing with the January picture for months now, so I've decided to move on. Here is my latest colour blend before I turn the page:
If you're interested in the technicalities: I've mixed five different greens for a marle single and then plied that with another green. It's a fairly fine worsted yarn, with a good amount of twist. I'm looking forward to knitting this one, because I think the marle effect will be very effective in capturing the texture. I'll have to come back and play with the grey-blue and the smooth surface of the water another time.

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