Friday, April 17, 2009

I'll Be There

I've had this poster on my noticeboard since last year:

It sounds like a great opportunity for me:

  • It's a small artisan's market.
  • It's in the same street as CCCK, the wool shop where I have my handspun and accessories on sale.
  • It's only once a month and it just happens to be the Saturday when there are no classes at the Guild.
  • The woman organising it sounds friendly and experienced.

Every month I've looked at the poster and tried to be realistic about whether I can manage it. This month I think it's going to happen.

So tomorrow, I'll be there. One table, one box of goods and one spinning wheel should do it for packing. My aim is to just introduce myself and get the feel for it. That way I can't lose.

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