Thursday, April 9, 2009

Meg's Lotus Photo

It was great to see my friend Meg for coffee yesterday afternoon. It was also great to see some of the photos she's taken recently. This one of a lotus flower really grabbed me. It grabbed me so much that I asked her if I could use it here: Of course, the form of the flower is beautiful. I love the way she's framed it in the photo. What really caught my eye and left me wanting more,though, is the colour combinations in the flower itself. It's more obvious in this detail :

The strong pink, almost magenta, is the obvious colour, but at the base of the petals it blends to a citrus green. and the inner aspect of the petal on the far right is an apricot colour. That's a combination I didn't expect and I'm planning to play with it some time soon. Meanwhile I have 100g of blue-green multi-marle which I'm half way through plying off and I'm still thinking of the Harmnony day rose petals for another colour blend, though I might try that in the dye pot. That would leave me more time to play with the lotus blossom colours.

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Dee said...

i can hardly wait to see how that colour combo comes out.... i missed the apricot and had to go back to the pic to find it. if you hadn't said apricot i would have thought it was a pale pink, but i can see that it tends towards the apricot. where does that combo sit on a colour wheel?