Sunday, April 19, 2009

My View of the Day

Yesterday was my introductory visit to the Artisan's Market in Northcote, High St. I sat in the forecourt of the Uniting Church and spent most of the day spinning. I snapped this pic of the buildings opposite:
At street level there are shop windows, people, traffic . . .
Sitting there for the day spinning was a great way to get to know the market and its potential. It's really just at a very basic beginning point: only four stalls there yesterday and only passing visitors. I'm told there are another half-dozen casual stall holders who have been there at other times. There's a great little cafe on the church grounds and lots of room to expand. Of course that's going to take time and effort, so part of the conversation yesterday among the stall holders was about next steps.
As an introductory visit, I'd call it a success. I sold nothing, but had a few enquiries. That's about what I expected. I got a good bit of spinning done and have some ideas to go on with.

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Dee said...

well you definatly didn't lose - just getting there means it was a winner, as a bonus, it sounds like it was a pretty good day.
the sky looks very melbourne for this time of year and reminds me how blessed i am to enjoy the clear blue sky in Q and lovely mid 20's. ...and that gargoyle is certainly an eyecatcher - perhaps i could look up more often.