Sunday, April 26, 2009

Counting Carefully-again

Weaving class all day yesterday.

We're working on a damask pick up design--details to come. But for now I want to share the work that Alison came in with.

Do you remember my "counting carefully" pic? We were given a brocade exercise to do, and I wasn't too excited about it. It was exacting in the extreme. I managed two little rows of figures. Here's Alison's effort: The first two rows are the compulsory exercise--that's all I did. Then there are Alison's own design:
  • a fence

  • kangaroos in the back paddock

  • lucerne crop

  • llamas or alpacas

  • tractor sheds

  • tractors

  • houses

  • sheep
  • another fence

  • and red flowering gums in front

It just goes to show how different techniques appeal to different personalities. She must have spent hours working out all these designs and she was smiling broadly about it.

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