Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Harmony Sequence

Here's my sequence of Harmony hand-dyed and blended skeins: This is the first time I've combined dyeing my own tops with my marle blending technique. It's given me a lovely gradation of colour that reminds me of the way the roses' colours develop with time.

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Dee said...

oh these are so lovely!!! i love them heaps! :) the graduation between the skeins looks great. the shades within each one and the way they blend within each skein - wow!... i love the suble variation in the darkest skeins. i love the soft pastels in the lightest skein. and the seconf one from the bottom is so much fun; all those bright pastel coulors, clear adn clean. your skill at blending colour just keeps growing with all of the variations that you come up with. i love the way you get your inspiration. it really seems to give you new ideas to inspire combos etc. top stuff!!!