Saturday, April 18, 2009

Surviving . . . thriving

One of my tasks yesterday was to plan ahead for my next term of teaching. I'm due to present my "Any Colour You Like" workshop at Sussex Neighbourhood House next term. It's a cotton dyeing workshop using procion dyes.

Here's a pic of some of my samples:
As well as covering the basics of using this versatile, cold water dye, I also look at colour mixing and texture. As you can see from the samples, I'm not interested in plain, even colours.

The big question mark over this workshop has been Kraft Kolour--my dye suppliers. They were caught in the firestorm that hit Whittlesea in February and literally went up in smoke. I've been wanting to hear from them to see how they're managing. They're a local family company . . . real people! Their website said they were rebuilding and the last thing I wanted to do was worry them with my little concerns, so I've just been checking on their site every week or two. Yesterday I got a contact page on their website and today I got an email back. They're going to be ok. They have dyes on the way by air. They sound like they've somehow found the strength to keep going. That's good news.

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