Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here's the package I prepared for the Olive Grove Studios yesterday:I picked out
  • a simple scarf and hat made from hand-dyed wool and silk,
  • one of my crazy-knit scarves: bright orange made from rovings with all sorts of extra bits
  • one of my big knit scarves in bright green and white
  • one of my crochet wool berets with pigtails
  • my blue spring scarf--made from a fine single with crochet twirls
  • my black and bright crochet scarf--made from crochet circles in fine wool
  • and just to mix it up a bit more, my twisted wire jewelry tree prototype

I dropped off the package in the morning and had a bit of a chat about how the co-op works. Now I just have to let my work speak for itself at the meeting. I should hear back within a few days.

Dropping off the package and walking away felt quite strange--like auditioning for a part and not being there for my own performance!

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Dee said...

my version of twist... fingers crossed :)