Friday, October 28, 2011


I sometimes refer to one of my quilting students as "the queen of the unpicker". It's not that she makes any more mistakes than the rest of us, but when something goes wrong, she almost always says, "I'll unpick it". It doesn't seem to bother her. Maybe this is part of the reason why. 
I took the photo on my phone, so the focus isn't great, but see that clever gizmo she's holding? It's the sharpest, neatest little stitch ripper I ever saw. The point is fine, the blade is sharp and it folds back into the handle for safe and convenient storage. When I saw it again the other night I made a decision on the spot. I must have one of those! I made a special trip to my local Quilt Store yesterday. There they were on the counter. The colours weren't so neat as the one my student has, but who cares? I bought two: one for my sewing machine and one for my teaching kit. I'm happy to report that I didn't buy any extraneous fabric. Next time I make a mistake I hope to be able to say "I'll unpick it" in a bright and breezy tone of voice just like my student does.


Knitspingirl said...

What a cute & fuctional little gadget! (I don't do much sewing, but I think I need one too!)

Textile Tragic said...

Yes! fortunately frogging our knitting doesn't require any special gizmos:)

Dee said...

my first thought when I opened the blog today was that you had your nails done. then I looked at the pc and knew it wasn't your hands. Gave me a little thrill for a moment there. ;)
the handle part of that frogger looks like it would be easier to hold than many of the thin ones.

Textile Tragic said...

yes, that too:)