Saturday, October 29, 2011

Second Thoughts

I've had this small skein of orange yarn for quite a while. It was initially part of my attempt to blend up a creamy yarn for a special rose brooch. Carded together with a lot of white it gave me a nice apricot colour. On it's own it was definitely orange. I made one or two flowers out of the orange, but soon tired of it. And although it wasn't a big skein, it was more than what I wanted in that colour. I decided to overdye it. I saved just a bit for comparison. I figured moving towards the red would warm it up for me and make it a more generally appealing colour. How far to go? I decided on my cool primary red--magenta--the landscape dye is named "grevillea". Here's the result:

It's much closer to the dye colour than I'd expected, with some subtle variations. I'm still learning about how strongly different colours dominate others when mixed. I know red is quite strong compared to yellow, but I really expected this to come out closer to the warm red colour. Anyway, it's an attractive colour and much more usable than the orange, so I'm happy with it. 

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