Friday, October 21, 2011


After another day of crochet flowers I decided it was time for a change. The calendar has being playing a trick which seems to be common at this time of year . . . the days are flying by and soon it will be time for Christmas. We have a Christmas market at the Neighbourhood House on December 11. I'm not expecting to sell much in the way of woollen scarves, but little decorations are a possibility. I found a pattern for a crochet star in June Currie's book, Quick Crochet. I liked the general idea, but decided to make a few changes. I added an extra ray to make a six-pointed star and reduced the number of rows to keep the whole thing light and airy. Here's the result:
Now that I've got my pattern sorted I think I'll have a go at it in some fine cotton.


Dee said...

the little star looks lovely. I would buy it to hang on my tree. Hope they sell well for christmas.

Textile Tragic said...


Sharon said...

I like this too. I have been thinking about similar things. I've been making little hexagonals to use up bits of 4 ply left over from baby blankets and bonnets. And my eye wants to turn the hexagonal into a decoration. Now you've done it! Also - crochet decorations might mean I can actually put up a tree that is Sam-safe!