Friday, October 7, 2011

Flowers Ahead

The colour of this crochet flower reminds me of the now ubiquitous high-visibility work wear. It amuses me to think of some-one wearing a pretty blossom to dress up their safety vest.
I made it from a sample of hand-dyed cotton from a colour wheel I dyed a couple of years ago for a class. The yarn has been hanging around waiting to be put to use since then. I'm thinking of using each of the samples this way and I took the least atttractive to try first.


Dee said...

It definitely stands out. If this was the worst colour
then the others must all be excellent. :)
I can't quite see it on a high vis vest (no pun intended) cause it would get lost in all that other brightness. It would however look great on a headband in some girl's hair.

Textile Tragic said...

Oh, you could put the bright yellow on one of those orange vests, just to make sure:)