Saturday, October 22, 2011

Testing, Testing

Another day of experimenting:

This is the same star, but made with fine mercerised crochet cotton and a teeny-tiny hook. For the one on the left I used a 2mm hook, the one on the right was done with a 1.5 mm hook. Then there's the little bell. I think I could happily make more of the stars. I'm not so sure about the bell. I am happy with the cotton--it's one I dyed a while ago and the colour variation is just how I like it.


Dee said...

I can't keep saying your creations are cute... so let me call these ones sweet.
the bell could also be used for those little traditional gifts given to the bride as she emerges from the church.

Sharon said... love love these. Don't s'pose you'd be interested in an interstate order? =D

Textile Tragic said...

Well, the stars are tiny, so several would easily fit in a standard envelope. Bell might not travel so well:)