Sunday, October 2, 2011


I looked out a pattern for a mini-Christmas stocking. I wanted to compare it with the teeny tiny sock I'd made. 
The patterns I found were knitted flat with a seam down the back, but I decided to knit mine in the round. I don't like sewing up and if I'm going to make a few of these that will be an issue. I also converted the shaping so that it mirrors on opposite sides of the stocking. I don't find it as adorable as the real sock, but it has more of the Christmas look, maybe . . . 


Dee said...

Another sweet version.
It does look like the purchased Christmas stocking. Is it easier to make?
I like the look of the original as it really looks like a mini sock and that is appealing to me. However if one was to make them for sale the quickest version to make may be it. Or perhaps both versions so some appeal to each taste.
On a side note... the original christmas stockings were just one's regular stockings hung up, but I figure you know that.
The pen really helps for perspective... so tiny and cute. A bit like baby socks.

Textile Tragic said...

ThanksL) I like the "real" little sock best too. I've got one more version to try.

Knitspingirl said...

I'm casting my vote for the "real" little sock too. When I was little we used to use my Uncle's socks as Christmas stockings.
PS - My word verification for this comment is "psize". (I'm picturing it is "pintsize"!)