Friday, September 17, 2010

On My Table

I have such a strange mixture of things to think about and do today that I hardly know where to start. Apart from my usual--often neglected--household tasks, I'm in the middle of lots of changes and uncertainties. Then yesterday afternoon I received an email accepting my submission to Window Frames, the Sydney Rd, Brunswick Traders' Exhibition as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival : That should be a simple positive after the work I put into preparing the piece, but it's complicated at a number of levels. I deliberately designed this piece to include its context as part of the story. At the time I had no idea whether or where it would be displayed. It's going to be in the window of the Franco Cozzo Furniture store on the corner of Sydney Rd and Victoria St in Brunswick. Rather than comment on the significance--and risk tangling myself up in all sorts of ways--I'll leave you with the link to the original Franco Cozzo TV ad on youtube. Click on the link if you're a Melburnian who remembers the eighties or if you want to see what can happen when a penniless Italian/Greek immigrant makes good in his new country by catering to the needs of his up and coming contemporaries.


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